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An extension to the forms VCL unit which fixes some quirks and adds minor features:
  • TFormC - centers forms relative to their parent window (with full multi-monitor compliancy) and fixes other VCL annoyances.
  • TFormTaskbarC - places and minimizes forms to the taskbar
  • TMainFormC - adds animation & system sounds when minimizing/restoring an application.
  • TMonitorList - provides full multi-monitor support to applications.
  • Written in C++ since I needed to use the multimon.h header file from the latest MS platform SDK and I didn't feel like porting it to Pascal. =) Borland has since translated this header with the Delphi 4 VCL (multimon.pas).

    Compatibility note - The C++Builder 5 VCL fixes the 'hidden application window' animation problem, so all the corresponding code is compiled conditionally for C++Builder 1/3/4 only. C++Builder 4 also provides multi-monitor support through the VCL.

    License Freeware
    Source Included? Yes (C++)
    Compatibility C++Builder 1/3/4/5
    Last Update Version 1.20 (Aug. 09, 2001)
    see bottom of readme for revision history
    Download (10Kb)

    Last updated August 09, 2001