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All the code here is limited to Delphi & C++Builder classes and components. The latest versions will also be on the Delphi Super Page, Torry's Delphi Pages and Delphi32.

Component Description Last Update
TIniPlus TIniPlus adds ReadColor/WriteColor, ReadFont/WriteFont to TIniFile, and also provides methods to retrieve/restore a window (or control's) size & position at runtime. Feb. 19, 2000
TRegistryIniPlus Same functionality as TIniPlus, but descends from TRegistryIniFile. Feb. 19, 2000
formsC An extension to the forms VCL unit to center forms/dialogs relative to their parent window, add multi-monitor support, minimize/restore your application with animation and sounds (for C++Builder 1/3/4), optionally minimize forms to the taskbar, and fix various other VCL annoyances. Aug. 09, 2001

There are several other components that I have developed for use in my own projects that might eventually find their way here:

  • TSystemTray - A system tray component that supports multiple tray icons, animation, and an optional timer to restore the tray icon after an Explorer crash. It's currently written in C++, but eventually I'll port it to Delphi for use under both C++Builder & Delphi. In any case, there are already plenty of other free tray components out there.

  • TFontList - I developed this class for use in one of my projects that I probably won't have time to work on in the future. So I'd like to eventually release some of its code so that the time I spent on it was worth while. TFontList is basically a wrapper around a slew of Win32 API font functions. To see what it's capable of, check out Font Explorer.

    Last updated August 09, 2001