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The Weekend Party

Two UBC university students were visiting friends and they partied really hard over the weekend and by Sunday they were so hung-over that they could not make the drive back from Sqamish. They both had a biochemistry test on Monday that they missed. They called their prof when they got back to UBC on Monday and told her that they had gotten a flat tire up north. The prof responded very calmly and told them to simply come in and take the test on Tuesday. The students were very happy with the understanding prof. When the students came into the class Tuesday, to take the test, the biochem prof had put the two students in separate rooms just so they would not cheat. The prof trusted them but she did not want them to have any temptations. the students were just fine with this...they knew their material. The first page had a difficult chemistry problem on it but the students figured the problem out. The students turned to the second page and the question said............"Which tire?"