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Font Explorer 1.5 beta 2 available (March 11)
This is bug fix release, fixing several known issues.

Delphi/BCB components updated (February 19)
TIniPlus 1.12, and formsC 1.10 have been posted. A new component, TRegistryIniPlus is also available.

Hello again... (February 06)
Updates to the CPU Comparison Chart, Windows, and Multimonitor Guides. I'm finally making some time to work on Font Explorer and Call Trace again! I also hope to add more photos and some personal content in the next couple months.


1999 (September 20)
I've moved! is now An About Me section has been added in case anybody is wondering who I am. I've also updated my photo album with pictures of a farewell party I had just before I moved to Austin, TX.

Minor changes (July 24)
I've made some changes to the site design. Nothing major - just played around with the colour scheme and I've also added a navigation menu at the bottom of the page which tells you where you are as you browse.

Call Trace 1.0 beta 2 posted (July 12)
This release adds new options for formatting numbers and fixes several known issues.

Font Explorer? (June 30)
In response to inquiries, I've updated the Font Explorer page with regards to my plans for it.

Windows guide updated (June 28)
I've added some new info. about Windows 98 Second Edition and upcoming versions of Windows.

Call Trace available for download (June 27)
Version 1.0 beta 1 is now available for public release.

Call Trace beta coming soon... (June 17)
Call Trace is a freeware TAPI compliant call display application for Windows 95/98/2000. I've updated the Call Trace web site with its current feature set, screenshots, FAQ etc. It will be available for download by the end of this month.

Components section updated (June 03)
My formsC classes for C++Builder have been updated (version 1.02), and I've added some info. about some other components I've been working on.

Multiple Monitor Guide updated (March 24)
I've added a few items in response to frequent questions I receive and some new multi-monitor products.

TIniPlus class updated (March 17)
ReadWinPos and WriteWinPos functions have been added to retrieve/restore a window (or control's) size/position at runtime.

Radial Keratotomy (February 28)
The correction of myopia (near-sightedness) and astigmatism through Radial Keratotomy. This is a different technique to the popular PRK and LASIK surgeries commonly performed today and has been in existence since the 1970s.

Photo album updated (January 28)
Finally some more pictures in the friends section!

Reorganization... (January 11)
I've done a bit of housecleaning. Compu-Xpert has been removed, but most of its contents can be found in the Tech Articles section. I've also added an Intel/AMD CPU guide relating codenames and details regarding recent and upcoming chips.

UBC Schedule updated (January 06)
No 8:30 classes. No school on Tuesday/Thursday!


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